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Track Cat Fitness offers additional Services for anyone seeking a custom program:

Full Season Consulting

Are you familiar with training principles and following your own training plan but still looking for a coach who is invested in your success and willing to develop a relationship with you and understand you as an athlete?

We offer a mentoring program with a 3-month minimum commitment. This flexible option offers phone consults and/or log review at a more cost effective rate than multiple individual consults and without a plan. We can customize this to your needs. Contact us for details.

Personal Consults and Sessions

In person $70/hour, Phone $60/hour

  • Technique & Skills
  • Nutrition Race Day Fueling Guidance
  • Swim Lessons
  • Performance Optimizing Mind Power Development Skills
  • Race Day or Key File Analysis
  • Field Testing Including Power Testing Assistance

Training Plans

We highly recommend coach supported programs but do offer 8 to 20 week training plans from sprint to full ironman distance with access to our community Facebook group for support along the way upon request.  Athletes are strongly recommended to seek coaching support and sign up for our Custom Club Program.

Contact Us!

For more information on any of the service programs offered by Track Cat Fitness contact us here!