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What to Expect

We develop close coach/athlete relationships with each of our athletes and create fully customized training plans for athletes committed to achieving their goals from first timers to worlds qualifiers and everything in between.

Track Cat Fitness offers high performance/elite level coaching regardless of starting ability levels. We have an industry best passion for and commitment to our athletes’ success. We blend a quantitative science based training approach with consideration for the unique personal needs of each individual athlete.

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We offer close ongoing communication, personal attention, and prompt, stable, reliable service so our athletes can succeed and break through to the next level of fitness.

It’s important that our athletes are having fun, balancing sport with life and that they feel they are fully supported by our coaching services while moving forward and upwards in their sport. Crushing their goals with passion, devouring the competition, winning their own personal victories, and moving up in the sport as fast and strong as possible while having fun pursuing their dreams is what we empower our athletes to do.

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When you join Track Cat Fitness you can expect that throughout your training we will be there, always in your corner making you stronger and faster to race to your best potential whether it’s to get to your first finish line or to break the tape, finish first, and be on the top of the podium. We apply proven methods with an approach that is distinctively designed for each athlete.  Throughout your season we will build momentum to help you rise to the top of your game above adversities and to reach your own personal podiums.

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